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Handle Replacements

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If you are looking for Carl Weill knobs click HERE or look below


No matter how long ago you bought your Vacumatic Waterless cookware we can match up your handles.


Over the last 50 years there have been many styles of Vacumatic with about ten different styles of handles and we still stock most of them.


Short Side Handles (Click on the image for a clearer picture)

cookware handle replacement


Here are the names of the handles in the same order

Pro Health Vital Nutrition New Era
Flavor Seal Queens Choice Luxury Line
now Queens Choice Strataline Casserole Side


If not sure of handle style click on this image to see it from a different angle.

replacement handles for Vacumatic cookware

Long Side Handles (Click on the image for a clearer picture)

long cookware handle replacement


Queens Choice Strataline Luxury Line
Vital Nutrition New Era Hostess
Pro Health Flavor Seal ? 517

Flavor Seal

old style




Lid vent knobs (Click on the image for a clearer picture)

lid knobs for waterless cookware


Queens Choice New Era Deluxe Nutrichef, VT and Pro Health
Non vented disc Vent disc Whistle vent T knob (out of stock)
S.L vent knob now Queens Choice now Queens Choice now Queens Choice

If not sure of handle style click on this image to see it from a different angle.

Vacumatic cookware handles

Long handles or lid knobs retail for 18.00 plus a shipping fee.

The most common handles are the Luxury Line as shown below.


Side handles come in a pack of two so we lowered the price to 24.00 for the set.


The most common handles are the Luxury Line as shown below.


Please note that we no longer make the T shaped vent knob. It is now round. There is a benefit to this. The lid can serve as a pot holder when placed upside down.


If the handle you want to order is different from the ones below please call or e-mail us at the time of purchase with the handle part number.



Short handle

Vacumatic short handle


2 for 24.00





Long Handle

Vacumatic long handle All handles come with screws






Steam Vent and Knob

vent knob for waterless cookware

We no longer have the T shaped knob. They are now round but with the lid inverted it can serve as a hot plate for the pan.

Also, when ordering please specify whether you need the regular steam vent or the whistle as shown in the pic.







Go HERE for more info and pictures.


If you bought your cookware set many years ago from a company called 'Canadian Cookware', this is not the same company as us and we do not have those handles and knobs. However, we do have three lines of handles that will fit. The closest match is called the Strataline handles (#2513040-63) The Flavorseal and Queens Choice line also fit. Unfortunately we only have the long handles that will fit.

Cost for handles are $18.00 each. American made Bakalight.





Carl Weill knob replacement.


Cost is 15.00








Carl Weill thermal part only


Cost is 12.00



There are two sizes with this knob. One is 1.5 inches wide and the other 1.3/8th inch wide

Click here to buy the 1.3/8th inch wide one


To purchase the one that is 1.5 inches click here



You can also order a solid knob for these lids. They will never break.

The price is 12.00 each so you will need to call or write that you just ordered knobs but prefer the solid ones.



Should you see something on our web site that interests you, we could throw in the handle replacements free with most purchases.


Call us for details at 613-523-7800 or write to info@canadiancookware.com


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